Surface Perparation


ERC Coatings and Industrial Flooring, by employing the latest equipment from industry leaders such as Husqvarna, King Concepts, Blastrac, and SASE, is a leader in floor demolition and preparation. Utilizing techniques such as Shot Blasting and Surface Grinding, ERC can prepare any floor, for any upcoming treatment.

Shot Blasting
Preparation utilizing self contained machines  that airlessly propel steel shot at a high velocity in a guided and managed pattern to profile the substrate allowing applied coatings to adhere per industry specifications.  Based on the project scope, varying surface profiles can be achieved by recommended applied shot size, rate of application and machine travel speed.

Diamond Grinding
Diamond grinders employ horizontal, rotating single or multiple disks to remove coatings, level uneven surfaces and polish concrete slabs.  Disks possess varying aggressiveness based on the disk surface, which can be dense metals, carbide tips or diamond material.  With properly matched disks to the grinding surface, the machine can remove epoxy coatings, elastomerics, glues, mastic, thin set and paints.